FDI Consulting Services

Indian economy is emerging at the fastest rate along with few more in the world. Therefore, many businesses are attracted to Indian policy. There are many programs of the Government of India which are worth considering before any foreign company invests globally. In view of these opportunities,

Skytech Consultants offers a very broad range of advisory services as below:.

  • We set up an appropriate business structure as a wholly-owned subsidiary from conceptualization till operationalization.
  • It allows you to get approval from RBI - Reserve Bank of India for borrowing and permission from respective government departments, in case, business category falls under the approval route.
  • To file all statutory reports and form with RBI from time to time.
  • Have advisory services for business expansion to India.
  • Get advisory about all regulatory registrations, affiliations, and compliances with State and Central bodies of India.

Backed by the expert and guidance, we assist organizations in setup and support services to achieve their business objectives. We help you start your investment journey in India, whether you are a startup company or mid-level corporate, or an individual investor. With our proven experience and skills, we ensure that you get the most out of your foreign direct investment in India. Our experts provide all the necessary support to international companies or foreign investors looking to start or expand their business in India.

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