Joint Venture Consulting Services

A Joint Venture is a strategic alliance where two or more corporations form a partnership to share markets/intellectual property, assets, knowledge and profits. In this competitive world, more organizations are expected to turn to joint ventures and alliances as an effective strategy to win a marketplace in a new place. As there’s no transfer of ownership in a joint venture deal, it differs from a merger.

When it comes to a Joint Venture, it’s one of the best strategies for a foreign company in the Indian market and for Indian companies to enter an overseas market. We have concluded some very large and successful joint ventures with overseas corporates. Our professionals are adept at helping business owners navigate through various corporate and product strategies with one another to create clear benefits for both joint venture partners.

Skytech Consultants conducts the research, evaluates the entities and forms an excellent understanding and synergy between the companies. Having a good experience in joint ventures, we help our clients source the right partner and create the right documentation.

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